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Organizational Dispute Resolution

Center for Solutions provides a dispute resolution model to large and small groups which has been proven effective in settlement of disputes involving Town Councils and Communities, Agency Boards, Chambers of Commerce, Churches, Workplaces and Professional Offices, Professional Organizations, and Grass Roots Organizations.

A systematic, yet highly individualized approach is employed, bringing factions together to identify problem areas, develop options, and reach consensus. The Center for Solutions method provides a structured process for assisting participants in reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution of issues, while leaving the ultimate decision-making within the control of the involved individuals. Since the participants make the decisions, they are generally committed to and invested in the outcome.

While the process is customized to meet the particular needs of each client system, in general, a step-by-step process is employed.

First, the participants are interviewed individually (or in very large organizations interviews are conducted in small groups) to afford them the opportunity to provide their perspectives of the situation and to explore any concerns they might have about the process. Specific information provided in individual meetings is treated as confidential by the consultant and will not be disclosed unless the party providing it gives his/her express permission to do so.

Second, information compiled from the individual interviews is used to develop a neutral agenda of the issues to be discussed in the joint mediation session. (It is also used by the consultant to begin to identify areas of common interest for the purpose of mutual, cooperative problem-solving among participants.)

Third, all participants are brought together in mediation to discuss each of the issues identified, to examine options for change and resolution and to negotiate agreements.

Fourth, all agreements reached through the mediation process are drafted by the mediator in a comprehensive agreement to be signed by the participants. If there are issues on which all participants cannot agree, the mediator may offer recommendations for resolution if the participants agree that this input would be useful.

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