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Divorce Mediation Services

Contract for Services:  Center for Solutions

This is an agreement between _____________________,
hereafter referred to as the Client(s), and ___________   ,
hereafter referred to as the Mediator.  The terms of this agreement are as follows:

The client has decided to mediate.  The Center for Solutions does not offer legal advice.  Each party is hereby advised by the mediator that he/she is encouraged to have any written documents arising out of the mediation (including, but not limited to, any settlement agreement) reviewed independently by his/her own counsel prior to signing.

The Center for Solutions provides a neutral professional who will assist the parties in mediating their settlement in completing all  documents.

The Mediator is acting as a neutral in this case and cannot and will not represent any party to this action. Mediation is not the practice of law, psychotherapy or counseling. Mediation is the distinct professional practice of alternative dispute resolution.

The client is entitled to receive information about the mediator's background, training, the duration of the service, and  fee structure.  The client is encouraged to discuss any aspect of the service.

In order for this process to be effective, the client understands that open and honest communication is essential.  Full disclosure of relevant information is agreed to by the client.

The client  will furnish all  information and will make all the decisions with regard to his/her final agreements and be solely responsible for the decisions reached in mediation.

The client shall be solely responsible for any and all documents submitted to the court.

All written and oral communications, as well as notes taken during the mediation process, will be kept in strict confidence between the mediator  and the client, and destroyed after mediation is terminated unless:

 Communication reveals the intent to commit a felony, inflict bodily harm, or threaten the safety of a child under the age of 18.

 Disclosure is necessary and relevant to an action alleging willful and wanton misconduct of the mediator or the Center for Solutions.

The client agrees that s/he will not at any time, before, during, or after this process, call the mediator, the mediator’s notes or anyone associated with him/her as witnesses in any legal or administrative proceeding.  Any such right to do so is hereby waived.

The client intends to mediate in good faith and to continue the service contracted for herein until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.  However, it is further understood that any party involved in this process may withdraw at any time.  It is agreed that if any party decides to withdraw from the contracted service, the mediator and the other party will be contacted.


Fee Agreement:

The rate for this service is $140 per hour usually shared by the parties ($70 per party per hour).  Time spent by the mediator in sessions, telephone calls exceeding five minutes, and processing of written documents will be charged at that rate in quarter hour increments ($35.00 per quarter hour). The mediator requires $280 ($140 per party) advance payment at the time a mediation appointment is scheduled. Payment in this amount must be received 7 business days prior to the date mediation is scheduled.

All fees are due and payable at the end of each Mediation Conference. Fees for written documents must be paid before they are released to either party.

The client will pay for the scheduled time if a meeting is cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

In the event  a dispute arises between the mediator and the client(s) arising out of any aspect of the mediation service, the mediator and client(s) agree to enter mediation with an outside neutral third party to resolve their dispute before seeking a resolution in court. 

By our signatures below, we acknowledge and agree to all the terms listed in this Contract for Mediation Services.


Signature____________________ Date _________
Printed Name:  _______________                     ________
Address:  ________________________________         _
Phone: (Day)_______                 ____      (Eve)______                              

Signature ____________________ Date ________
Printed Name:  __________________________               
Address:  ___________________________                     
Phone: (Day)________            ___ (Eve)_______           _                                                                   

Signature (Mediator)_______________ Date ______      


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