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Divorce Mediation Services

Tips for Selecting a Mediator:
In choosing a mediator, it is important to find a professional who has experience and formal training. Katherine Head has 28 years experience as a divorce mediator and has received over 100 hours of formal mediation training. She is knowledgeable about the issues involved in divorce and/or legal separation matters and familiar with the Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Forms.

The Mediator:
A mediator is a neutral third party who will assist in the mediation of your settlement. In mediation, the two of you provide the information. The mediator helps the two of you identify the issues that need to be negotiated and be agreed upon for your divorce and helps you stay focused on the decisions that need to be made. You and the other party make and are responsible for all the decisions and agreements with regard to your dissolution of marriage. The Center for Solutions requires both parties to agree to full disclosure of all pertinent information including assets, debts and income. The mediator will not provide legal advice nor will the mediator serve as an advocate for either party. The mediator can provide legal information to help the two of you through the dissolution of marriage process. If legal advice is needed, you will be encouraged to consult with an attorney. If children are involved, the mediator will encourage both of you to negotiate and reach agreements, which will be in their best interests. Mediation is confidential and private.

The Mediation Process:
Mediation begins with the mediator meeting jointly with both parties. The mediator may elect to spend some individual time initially with each of you as well. The first meeting will involve signing the Center for Solutions, Inc., Contract for Services; explaining and clarifying the mediation process; gathering information; setting an agenda of the issues to be discussed and beginning negotiation on the issues. The mediator will help you to clarify your needs and wishes and to generate options for settlement that are acceptable to both parties. The mediator will work with the two of you in assembling all the information necessary for completion of the Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Forms, identifying and setting an agenda of the issues to be mediated and drafting your agreements.

The Agreement:
The result of your mediation will be a comprehensive written Memorandum of Understanding detailing the agreements you have reached on the issues needing resolution for your dissolution of marriage. Mediation can address issues related but not limited to parental responsibility, parenting time, child support, maintenance, division of property and financial assets, settlement of debts and income tax issues. Any other issues of concern to you may also be discussed in mediation. Your mediated agreement will be custom tailored to address the issues specific to your situation. If there are children involved, the mediator can assist you in designing an agreement, which will serve their changing developmental needs over time. The mediator can also work with you to complete the legal forms and provide typing services.

The Cost:
The cost of this service is $70 per party per hour ($140 per hour), which is usually shared by the parties. Time spent by the mediator in mediation sessions, telephone calls exceeding five minutes, and processing of written documents will be charged at the rate of $35.00 per quarter hour. An advance deposit of $280 for 2 hours ($140 per party) is due 7 business days prior to the scheduled mediation appointment. All fees are due and payable at the end of each meeting.

Mediation appointments are scheduled at times that are, as much as possible, convenient to both parties. To schedule a mediation appointment with Katherine Head, complete the form and email to her scheduling clerk, ScheduleMediation@live.com.

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