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About Katherine Head

For the past 28 years, Katherine Head has worked extensively with people and organizations in conflict. She has been a professional mediator for the past 14 years.

Katherine's experience has been both in the public sector (with the Colorado office of Dispute Resolution and two departments of social services) and in the private sector with the Center for Solutions and as an independent contractor with CDR Associates and Katz & Loizeaux Forensic Services, LLC.

As supervisor of the Custody/Mediation Program at Jefferson County Department of Social Services, Katherine supervised 18 to 25 contract staff and one full-time employee, administered and marketed the program, and provided direct mediation services. Since the founding of the Center for Solutions she has been involved in providing comprehensive ADR services to businesses, organizations, families and community agencies.

Resume of: Katherine S. Head, M.S.W.
Professional Mediator and Social Worker
155 South Madison St.
Denver, CO 80209
Phone: (720) 985-4275 Email: kathyhead1@comcast.net

Katherine Head has worked as a professional mediator and arbitrator for 28 years, during which time she has assisted in the resolution of thousands of disputes. Her experience includes:

  • 17 years, contract mediator, Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution
  • Mediator in divorce, post-decree, county and district civil, probate, dependency and neglect, community and home owner association disputes
  • 33 years of work with high conflict families and their children in such roles as mediator, parental responsibility evaluator, parent coordinator, facilitator of family group conferences, and child family investigator
  • Developed and supervised a family mediation program through Jefferson County Social Services from 1984 to 1992,
  • President (two terms) of Colorado Council of Mediation Organizations (NKA the MAC)
  • Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) from University of Denver in 1979
  • Caseworker Child Protective Services (1979 to 1984)
  • Over 200 hours of training in mediation and dispute resolution.


M.S.W. - Masters in Social Work, Graduate School of Social Work, 1979 University of Denver
B.A. - Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, 1973, Michigan State University


Mediator Multi-door Court Services, Arapahoe District Court - 1996 to Present
Center for Solutions - 1989 to Present
Jefferson County Dept. of Social Services
- 1984 to 1992
CDR Associates - 1982 to 1984

Assisting parties in dispute toward cooperative problem solving, exploring alternatives and reaching agreements designed to meet the specific needs of their situation, drafting the details of the agreement once reached. Specializing in domestic relations, dependency and neglect, organizational and workplace disputes.

Special Advocate/Child Family Investigator

Katz and Loizeaux Forensic Services
1998 to 2007

Appointed by the Court to assist a family experiencing conflict by one or all of the following: intervening, investigating, evaluating, reporting and making recommendations on any issues that affect the best interests of minor children.

Parental Responsibility Evaluator

Katz/Loizeaux Forensic Services
1994 to 2007
Jefferson County Dept. of Social Services
1984 to 1998
Douglas County Dept. of Human Services
1994 to 1998

Conducting evaluations of families in domestic relations cases, in which issues of parental responsibility/parenting time is in dispute. Assessment of adults, children, parent/child interactions and family relationships; reviewing written materials, interviewing personal and professional references; making detailed recommendations; providing expert court testimony. Supervision of custody evaluation team (Jefferson County Department of Social Services 1984 to 1992.

Parent Coordinator

Center for Solutions 1997 to 2007

Working with high conflict families to manage and resolve conflicts and to facilitate co-parenting. This service includes mediation, arbitration, mediation/arbitration, and evaluation.

Family Group Decision Making Facilitator

Jefferson County Dept. of Social Services
1999 to 2007

Facilitating conferences that involve parents, extended family members, and professionals working with a family when children have been removed from the care and custody of their parents due to abuse, neglect and/or other child welfare issues.

Office of Dispute Resolution

Facilitating Family Group Decision Making conferences in school truancy situations. Bringing together parents, extended family, teachers and other school staff, to develop a plan for improved school attendance.


Jefferson County Dept. of Social Services
1984 to 1992

Supervising a staff of approximately 24 professionals (15 contract custody evaluators, 8 contract mediators, and one full-time employee). Assigning cases, consulting with and teaching contract staff, teaming with staff on cases.


University of Denver, University College
1992 to 1994

ADR and Family' Class in the Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution Program. Teaching class of 10 to 15 adult students substantive information and mediation skills within a family setting.

Center for Solutions 1992 to 2002

Providing dispute resolution services, training and internships.

Caseworker, Child Protective Services

Adams County Dept. of Social Services
1986 to 1992

Conducting assessment and counseling of families in which concerns regarding child abuse/neglect/sexual abuse have been reported. Filing dependency and neglect actions, testifying in court, designing case plans for protecting children and reuniting families. Coordinating with other agencies as resources for adults, children and families.


Colorado Council of Mediator's and Mediation Organizations, (NKA the MAC)
(Professional Member and Former President)
National Association of Social Workers

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